The Stein Saga

A short synopsis of a long and great life … a collage of memories … sharing a peek into the past … to be absorbed and enjoyed by our children, grandchildren, forthcoming generations and friends. 

Perhaps at the outset it is best if I set a few things straight.  I, Herb Stein, am the author of this piece. At this moment I do not have any idea how it is going to turn out.  For much of this, I will be shooting “straight from the hip”, as they said in the old cowboy movies of my youth. I take full responsibility for any omissions, errors, or bad judgment that may appear in the following pages. I apologize if I have stepped on anyone’s toes. … it was not intentional.

Florence, my beloved partner in life, will serve as editor of events and chief reminder of forgotten names and dates. She is void of any major responsibility for this piece. However, she can not avoid accountability for any of the features our children have … physically or otherwise … both good and bad … she being the primary source of their existence and supplier of the genes. Of course I share some of this as well. By the way, it dawns on me at this moment that I refer to “Florence” … to those who will be reading this she is affectionately known only as “mom” or “grandma” … or even Phoebe … so bear with me as I may jump around when referring to this primary pillar of The Steins.

So, the next question is, why am I doing this and what do I intend to accomplish. Rest assured I have no need for applause. I am convinced that I have the love and respect from those who matter to me. Further, I have been extremely blessed during my life having seen many changes during these past (almost) eight decades. From the streets of New York City to retirement in Florida I have had the luxury of wearing several hats … a grandson, son, brother, husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. My life has been fulfilled beyond any expectations. I have enjoyed my years immensely and now wish for those whom I love to be able to peek into the past and share some of the joys and sorrows of my life … most of which I have been fortunate enough to have shared with my lovely wife.

It is not my intent to offer a complete detailed chronicle of my life … much of it is simply too insignificant and boring. I will attempt to prune the collection of memories I do retain down to a manageable size and record those which are most significant. These are the events and relationships I plan to include, but please bear with me should I wander a bit. I will attach many images. The purpose is to bring you closer to these experiences as well as the time period I am discussing. My web site space is limited so these may appear somewhat small but hopefully visible. A simple click of the mouse on the face of the image should bring forth a larger picture. Unfortunately if this is being viewed as a printed hard copy this option is not available.

Some of the entries on the following pages may appear to be a bit spotty. I have given some thought as to what to include and have concluded that there are 2 main themes to be covered … a personal life and a business career. Many of the pertinent events overlap and I expect it will be difficult and somewhat cumbersome to adhere to a strict chronological order. A bit of patience on your part is requested as there may a bit of skipping around for which I offer very little in the way of an apology. Also, I have omitted by design certain memories … there will be no criticism or indications of any shortcomings of any person contained within. Those of you who may have any know what they are and enough said. My intent is to have this evolve as a positive work.

It is also my plan to include a blog or post script section at the very end. I am not certain my skill level will permit this. If I succeed readers can take issue with some written content, embellish an area or merely offer a comment or update. Hopefully this will enable this saga to continue ad infinitum.

I have 7 months before my 80th birthday and I plan to have this completed by that event. During this period Florence and I will be taxing our brains trying to place events in correct order, recalling long forgotten names, and looking over several cartons of photos deciding which to include and where they belong. Although a few tears may be shed on the way I am certain it will be well worth it. To my family, the following pages describe your roots. This is your heritage … nobody can avoid having one … but there is good news … as valuable as it is, it comes free of charge. So enjoy.

June 26, 2007